Reviews of Kingship and Memory in Ancient Judah

Reviews of my book Kingship and Memory in Ancient Judah (Oxford University Press, 2017) have appeared:

The book also received the R.B.Y. Scott Award from the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, which recognizes outstanding monographs in the fields of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East.

[Post updated December 19, 2019]

About Me

I am a scholar of religion, specializing in the Hebrew Bible and the histories and cultures of ancient Israel and the Near East. At Augustana, I teach introductory courses on the religions of the world and theories of religion, biblical studies and the ancient Near East, and related topics; I also serve as Director of the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life. My work, in research and in the classroom, has focused mainly on how communities remember and imagine themselves, and how different social memories and imaginaries interrelate with one another. My first monograph, Kingship and Memory in Ancient Judah (Oxford University Press, 2017), explores these processes through the texts of the Hebrew Bible, revealing how ancient Judeans balanced and navigated various and even competing understandings of their monarchic past, with their literature. My research has also appeared in peer-reviewed publications such as Harvard Theological Review, Vetus Testamentum, and Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft; and I recently co-edited the volume History, Memory, Hebrew Scriptures: A Festschrift for Ehud Ben Zvi (Penn State University Press / Eisenbrauns, 2015).

Download some of my work from the Humanities Commons or from my University of Alberta – Augustana Faculty page.